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The Game has found you. As you read this you are becoming part of it.

This Game is different. You are not sure how far it goes, but you play anyway. And you let it play with you. It makes you comfortably uncomfortable. The players are different every night and therefore The Game is different every night. You discover more only by playing. Let’s not waste time, because

You are part of The Game.

This is a psychological immersive theatre show, blurring the lines of performance and reality. A mind-reading experience by illusionist and performer Philipp Oberlohr. Developed with support from: Yard Theatre London, Ovalhouse London, Galerie Die Schöne Vienna.

Reviews National

Ö1 portraitiert

mitten-in-wien war “hin und weg”

“Oberlohr schreibt Shows, die beschäftigen” sagt die Kulturfüchsin


Reviews International

☆☆☆☆☆ Everything Theatre
“Intelligent, artistic, very funny – and a master class in impressive illusions.
Unmissable – it’s mind-blowingly good.
Oberlohr is a marvellous entertainer with tremendous charisma
…a truly entertaining riot of amazement and amusement. Go see it.” (full review here)

☆☆☆☆ Theatre Fullstop
“This feels personal, it feels welcoming – it really makes you feel that there is nowhere else you could have possibly been that evening other than there.
…in such a theatrical and dreamlike way that it makes you feel that magic really does exist.
Philipp I would now like to thank you personally for calling out to my imagination, wonder and ability to remember. Thank you for letting me be part of the game.” (full review here)

☆☆☆☆ The Londonist
“Das Spiel isn’t just smart. It’s funny, very funny .
Oberlohr is charming, erudite, humble, encouraging…” (full review here)

The Public Reviews
“Das Spiel is an incredibly well crafted show.
…Oberlohr knows exactly what his audience are thinking.
Das Spiel is interactive theatre, and uplifting…
A great alternative to pretty much everything else you’re likely to find in fringe theatre” (full review here)

A Younger Theatre
“Oberlohr has an enchanting grip over the audience.
…it is absolutely astounding and outstanding. I would recommend you become a player – but the game has already chosen you.” (full review here)

Metropole Vienna
“Oberlohr knows everything about you” (full review here)

“Das Spiel is just the right mixture of tongue in cheek fun and jaw-dropping amazement. It’s the funniest thing to come out of Austria since…no, actually, it’s the funniest thing to come out of Austria full stop.”
Chris Campbell, Literary Manager at the Royal Court Theatre


“A standing ovation last night for the game”
@YardTheatre, Yard Theatre London

“I’m so part of the game. Amazing show”

“If Doctor Who was German, he’d be Philipp Oberlohr”
@Duncan_Gates Exeunt Magazine London

Das Spiel is a jaw-droppingly enchanting show that managed to convince me that magic is real. Oberlohr’s brilliant mentalism has the audience mesmerized as he achieves the impossible again and again.“
Rebecca Atkinson-Lord, Ovalhouse London

“Das Spiel blew my mind.”

“Brilliant stuff. Mind blown. Great night”

“He’s obviously sold his soul.”
David Duchin

Das Spiel has had completely sold out runs at Ovalhouse London and Vault Festival London. It is a proud recipient of the Vault’s People’s Choice Award.Peoples-Choice-Award

DAS SPIEL hat dich gefunden.

DAS SPIEL entfaltet sich.

You are part of the game.

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