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How does he know, what we are thinking? Do stainless-steel forks really simply melt in his hands? How can he see… without seeing?

closer2With his off-beat sense of humor Philipp does things that are more and more impossible. An unconventional show, from 10 to 60 minutes, for 20 to 500 people.

Following organisations trusted closer:  SIRF UK, Holt Business School London, Oxford and Cambridge Club,  Achenseeschifffahrt Tirol, Eisenkies Tirol, RTK, Haus im See Hungary, Help for Heros Scotland

Combine stage show with close-up magic / walkaround magiccloser4

Moving amongst your guests, brief encounters way out of the ordinary. This form doesn’t need anything, except your wish to provide your guests with a personal, moving experience. For up to 150 people.

Anything is possible, anywhere. magic even closer.