2 months

The last two months have been very busy. We have left London and moved into a beautiful flat in Vienna and at the same time I’ve travelled a lot doing gigs all over Austria.
I have just returned from a week of rehearsals and performances in England. Every year the brave people of #Stockton put on the #SIRF festival.
I’ll introduce the company, director and my amazing collaborators over the next weeks, but first I’d like to share my experience of the last week.

As an illusionist I’m very much used to working alone, setting my own goals and challenges – rehearsing and performing by myself.
There is a lot of joy and freedom in that – but I didn’t know how much I was missing out until last week.
How much I was missing out on challenges. I’m used to exploring what I can do, but working with other people I was very much pushed to explore what I didn’t know I could do or even explore things I thought I could not do.
Now this exciting.
Finding that you can do some of them and still can’t do some others.

This is a very important aspect of my work for me. Leaving what’s safe and comfortable.
I’m very happy with that (quite recent) development. My education encouraged me to stay safe – with the tried and tested;
Encouraged that part of me that wants to stay safe.
What changed?
I’m not sure.
Maybe a desire to experience more?
More of the “human” experience, more of myself?

Sometimes I see people who seem to have a very strong sense of who they are. A very strong sense that doesn’t leave much space for change.
I don’t like that very much.
For myself that is.

I enjoy knowing more of who I am, but I enjoy staying open to who I can be.
I was very lucky last week to find new friends who showed me who I can be,  who were not afraid to be afraid. Who were not afraid to be silly.
What a beautiful experience. I can highly recommend it.

Coming home. The other home.

I’ve decided to abandon iweb in favour of WordPress. Hence I’m stopping my old blog and start again fresh.

I’m returning from the fantastic SIRF festival,  where I was part of Slung Low’s Instant Light Circus under the direction of James Blakey, an extraordinary director.
The cast was incredible and I’ll introduce them (and beautiful Slung Low) over the next week.

I’m stopping in London for an hour.  It feels strange to be back after living here for so many years. But it’s still pleasant to enjoy a coffee before flying to my new home Vienna.


Time to go.